You are looking for a wedding filmmaker?

You've come to the right place !


My speciality : I edit short and modern wedding films (from 6 to 20 mn).


My mission : to sublim and immortalize your day in one film that suits you.


Our collaboration is going to be unique, I will be in your life and with your family for a short and intense moment, a relationship of trust is essential. To keep everything natural, I will not ask you to pose if you don't want to, I will adapt to your style, personnality and culture (I already filmed oriental weddings, iranian, secular ceremony, etc). I have several cameras, audio and light gear and I work with a talented team of filmmakers and drone operators.

I will do everything to deliver you an unique wedding film, this video is a memory you will keep your entire life

My services


Realization of a video report of your wedding day. Variable duration between 6 and 20 mn.


I edit a short teaser from your wedding film. This highlight film duration is 3/4mn.


The filmmaker proposes you the realization of a staged video which will serve as announcement to be sent to your guests


Drone, 2nd cameraman, sound recording, trash the dress, EVJF / EVJG, session of commitment...

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